Berlin, Germany
Berlin is Western and Eastern. Even now. And for three decades now, the Germans have been getting rid of the legacy of the GDR. Antiquities and the historical center, in…

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Tourist accommodation in Germany
Tourist accommodation in Germany is very different - from affordable campsites and hostels to luxury five-star hotels of world famous chains. You can rent a hotel room, apartments, and an…

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The Pergamon Museum (Pergamonmuseum) is one of the most significant museums of the Museum Island in Berlin. The museum is located on the Spree River in the city center. This…

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In the center of Berlin, between the Cathedral of St. Nicholas (Nikolaikirche), the island of Museums and Alexanderplatz square is one of the most interesting sights of the German capital – “AquaDom”, part of the Sea Life aquarium complex. Built in 2004, an aquarium made of acrylic glass is an excellent place for family hanging out in a big city. The advantage of AquaDom is that the aquarium is available for visiting in any weather and at any time of the year. Ideal for traveling with family.

The transparent cylinder, 16 meters high and 12 meters wide, is the largest separate aquarium in the world. Million liters of sea water, total weight 2000 tons.
An elevator with double glass walls, located inside the aquarium, will make an unforgettable journey from the shady depths of the sea to the sunny surface. A two-story elevator accommodates 48 people. During the ascent and descent through the aquarium, amazing unique photos of the inhabitants of the coral reef in their natural environment are obtained. Five times a week at 14:00 you can watch the feeding of the inhabitants of the aquarium – an unforgettable sight.

The aquarium is located in the Radisson Blu’s covered patio. Hotel guests can watch the aquarium from some apartments and from the internal galleries. To take a lift inside the aquarium, you need to buy a ticket to the Sea Life attraction, an aquarium complex with sea water, located in the next building. A separate passage leads from Sea Life to AquaDom. The Sea Life complex itself with its five thousand fish and reptiles certainly deserves attention. You can watch AquaDom from the lobby of the Radisson Blu Hotel – completely free of charge.

Aquarium “AquaDom” is served by a whole team of specialists. Every day, four scuba divers manually wash the aquarium from the inside. Under the giant cylinder there is a pumping and filtering station pumping over 900,000 liters of sea water per hour. Veterinarians carefully monitor the health of the inhabitants of the aquarium, and when feeding, the characteristics of each type of fish are taken into account. There are also aquariums for growing fry. Under the aquarium there is also equipment for the production of sea water – 20,000 liters per day, 30 tons per year. The nominal water temperature is +27 ° C, heating is not required, and cooling is necessary in summer.

Aquarium inhabitants
More than 1,500 specimens of fish of 97 species give an idea of ​​life in the tropical seas. Mostly represented are species from the “Coral Triangle” between the Solomon Islands, New Guinea and the Philippines. Yellow-blue chrysipters, graceful seahorses, black-and-white-yellow chanterelle fish, spiny hedgehog fish, spotted dog fish and many other exotic creatures will make an indelible impression on the visitor.

An interesting fact – clown fish (amphiprions) and fish of the surgical family were included in the number of inhabitants of the aquarium at the request of young visitors. These fish species play a major role in Finding Nemo and Finding Dory.

Tickets for AquaDom in Berlin
For guests of the Berlin Aquarium, the following price is relevant:

A ticket for an adult costs 19 euros at the ticket office of the attraction, online price – 13.30 euros;
A ticket for a child aged 3 to 14 years is at the ticket office of the attraction 15.50 euros, online price 10.90 euros;
Children under three years old have free admission.
A ticket for a visitor with disabilities includes free admission for an escort.

Buying tickets online is much more profitable than at the ticket office. You will save not only money, but also time – in the season of holidays and vacations it is quite possible to lose an hour or more in the queue for entry and for tickets. Pay attention to the Express category ticket, it will allow you to save time in the entry line.

You can activate the ticket either from your smartphone or by printing out a confirmation with the order number. If you paid using PayPal, you will need to present a credit or debit card to which your PayPal account is linked. The ticket is valid only for the person who visits the attraction, and you can not transfer it to others. However, the ticket is valid all day, you can leave the aquarium and go back during the day.

AquaDom and Sea Life also offer combined tickets for other Berlin attractions such as Legoland, Madame Tussauds wax museum and others.

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