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Michel’s bell tower

The height of the bell tower “Michel”, as the townspeople affectionately call the church, is 132 meters. On each of the four sides, the tower is decorated with watch dials, which are the largest in Germany. The diameter of the church of St. Michael is 8 meters. Each of the hands of the watch weighs 130 kilograms and, like the numbers, are covered with gold leaf.

The characteristic silhouette of the bell tower of the Church of St. Michael is visible, practically, from anywhere in the city and is one of the most famous “calling cards” of Hamburg. At an altitude of 82 meters, the bell tower houses an observation deck, one of the best in the city, from where a beautiful view of Hamburg, the port and shipyards opens.
You can go up to the observation deck on foot, breaking 452 steps, or from the opposite side go up to the second floor, and then by elevator.

The entrance to the bell tower is directly connected to the main entrance to the church. Here you can admire the beautiful stained glass windows, as well as elegant carved decorations. There are cash desks and souvenirs on the right side, a staircase down to the crypt on the left, and a staircase and an elevator to the observation deck on the right. If you go straight ahead, you will be taken to the main building of the church.

Evening visit to the observation deck

In addition to the usual daytime climb to the observation deck, there is a special nightly offer after the church closes. In the evening, Hamburg is transformed into a sea of ​​night lights. The price includes a lift on a historic elevator, 1 soft drink, a movie about Michel, musical accompaniment. Tickets can be purchased on a special website or, if available, at the evening ticket office – this is entrance number 2, to the right of the main entrance.

In front of the entrance to the Church of St. Michael, a monument to Martin Luther is installed on the left side.

Every year, on the first advent, the first Christmas market in Hamburg takes place near the walls of the church.

Opening hours
The Church of St. Michael, the observation deck and the crypt are open every day, seven days a week.

From November to March – daily from 10.00. until 6 p.m. The last pass of visitors is at 17.30.
April and October – daily from 9.00. until 7 p.m. The last pass of visitors is at 18.30.
From May to September – daily from 9.00. until 8 p.m. The last pass of visitors is at 19.30.
Visit to the “Night Michel” – 2 hours after the last pass of visitors.

View from the observation deck of the city and the Church of St. Nicholas., © Natalya Danilovtseva
The Church of St. Michael in Hamburg is an active evangelical church. Admission to all comers is free.

The Church of St. Michael has the opportunity to purchase tickets to the observation deck, to visit the crypt or a combined ticket.

Observation deck

Adult ticket (age from 16 years) – 5 euros.
Discounted ticket – for schoolchildren, students upon presentation of an international student ID card, pensioners, Hamburg Card holders, groups of 10 people and a family group of 4 people – 4 euros per person.
Children’s ticket (up to and including 15 years old) – 3.50 euros.
Night michel

Adult ticket – 10.50 euros,
Discounted ticket – 9.50 euros,
Children’s ticket – 8.50 euros.
Ticket for Night Michel

Adult ticket (age from 16 years) – 4 euros.
Discounted ticket – 3 euros.
Children’s ticket – 2.50 euros.
Combined ticket – observation deck and crypt

Adult ticket – 7 euros.
Discounted ticket – 6 euros.
Children’s ticket – 4 euros.
Music in the Church of St. Michael
In addition to daily services, musical concerts are regularly held in the Church of St. Michael.

Every Sunday at 18.00. – free concert of organ music.

Several music festivals are held in the church throughout the year.

How to get there
St. Michael’s Church is located in the center of Hamburg. It is convenient to reach it by any form of transport.

By public transport
The Church of St. Michael can be reached by public train, metro or bus.

By city train (S-Bahn): S3, S2, S1 lines to the Stadthaus Brücke stop, exit in the direction of Michaelisstrasse, then about 10 minutes on foot.
By metro (U-Bahn): U3 line to the Rödingsmarkt stops, then walk for about 11 minutes, Baumwall, then for about 7 minutes on foot, or to St. Pauli stop and continue along Ludwig Erhard Strasse is approximately 8 minutes.
By Bus: Routes 36, 112 to the St. Pauli stop, or routes 17, 34, 35, 37 to the Michaeliskirche stop – this is directly opposite the church.
Public transport scheme
By car
The Church of St. Michael is conveniently accessible by car.

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